Interview (English)

Tell me about yourself.
My name is Carla, I’m from Girona (near Barcelona) and I’m 27 years old. I love drawing, painting and making crafts. I’m a very creative person, so I’m always thinking about what I could make next.
What is your background? When and how did you get into the world of creative pastry? 
Since I was 5 years old, I have taken fine arts after-school courses. When I finished my studies, I went to an Arts School in Barcelona and I studied Interior Design. My favourite subjects were making models and technical drawing. 
One day in 2012, I was at home and I wanted to make muffins. And it didn’t go well…technically, it was truly a disaster. I took that as a personal challenge and, looking for other recipes on the internet, I discovered cupcakes. One thing lead to another and I entered ‘the fondant world’. 
All these years I was making fondant modeling and learning on my own but, this past summer I did an intensive course and developed my skills. 
And finally, last December, while I was participating in a collaboration, I decided to use plastic chocolate. A new world opened to me because this is my favorite material to work with so far.
How do you describe your style and where do you find inspiration? How is your work creative process?

I don’t know how to describe my style exactly, I suppose it’s a mix of fantasy (dark or cute), quirky and sometimes a bit freaky. When I was young, I loved the ‘Tim Burton World’, so I guess I’m quite influenced by that style. 
First at all, I could stay hours or days thinking about what can I make and, when I have the concept, I sketch it in my notebook. Sometimes, if I have some photos, I make a collage with photoshop too. Then I think about the color themes and the final composition. 
When finally I have a clear idea, I start making it.
You entered national and international competitions, how did you become involved in competitions?
I started competitions in Barcelona & Cake, a few years ago. I’m not a very competitive person however I love challenging myself and I always look forward, so last November I went to Birmingham Cake International for first time.
Regarding one of your last experiences in competitions, Birmingham Spring Cake International 2016, with “Occidental Geisha”, what was the inspiration behind the piece? Did anything go wrong?

Well, I love Japan, I have been there twice and I fell in love with its culture. I wanted to make a Geisha but combining it with our western culture, a mix. 
I came from Barcelona by plane, at departure time I realised that the tree didn’t fit into the suitcase and I had to cut all the branches. When finally I arrived at the hotel I saw the disaster… I spent all night fixing the tree and my poor geisha and her little ‘broken-in-pieces’ hand & fingers. On the way from the hotel to CI, the umbrella felt down and the fingers broke again.
What is the feeling of having the best piece in show?
I was very happy! I didn’t expect it at all when I left my home a few days ago. I was very surprised, it was a great news! I know that there were fewer contestants that in Birmingham CI in November, but I’m happy anyway.
Lately you have won many awards in competitions. Tell me all about Expogato Marseille, Squires Kitchen’s 30th anniversary exhibition and Cake International London 2016, the experience, the prizes…
Yes…this has been a crazy year…! Well, all of those were a great experiences, I went with a group of friends and the best thing is that each of us won an award, so we were very happy. In Marseille I won the 3rd prize, in Squires Kitchen I won 1st prize and gold medal in CI London. These were hard months with a lot of work, but it was worth it!! I would do it again without a doubt!
What was your best competition experience and what advice would you give to novice decorators who are interested in competing?
As I said before, the best experience was to be there with friends who also won an award. We were very happy and I remember those days fondly.
My advice, based on my experiences, would be that it’s better do something small but very well done, than something bigger but not so well done.
What has been your best professional experience, the best highlight in your career to date?
I guess it was winning the Best in Show, I still can’t believe it.
Can you tell me about your all time favorite cakes and what is on the top of you rbucket list of cakes yet to do?
I love the novelty cakes the most, but also those which have modelings. I would like to make a big white wedding cake, but piping is not my thing, I will need to practice a lot!
Who amongst the current crop of cake designers/artists inspires you?
I love the way how Carlos Lischetti works, he is very very clean and his designs are easy but simply perfect. I love Avalon Yarnes, Karen Portaleo, Zoe Fox… too. I also love a girl whom I had the opportunity of meeting in CI Birmingham last year, Adela Calvo (Delicut Cakes), she is more amazing that I can explain. All the things she makes are perfect, her modelins, her paintings, everything!!
What are your top three cake decorating tips to our readers and what are your mus thave tools when decorating?
The first tip for me is being in a comfortable place, a good table, a comfortable chair at the correct height, good light, … The second is working with good tools and good materials. You need to find which ones are the best for you and, the third but not least…practise, practise, practise!
Besides the master classes that you have already scheduled and announced, where can your fans find you?

Facebook: Instagram: @carlapuig_sugaratelier
At last, what are your projects for 2016?
I hope to continue making new pieces and collaborations. I’m already thinking in my CI Birmingam piece and I can’t wait to start it!!!!
Thank you so much for your interview, you are very kind, thank you for your attention!