Interview (english)

Tell me about yourself and your family.
My name is Khamphet Che-Bui, born in Laos, grown up in Switzerland. I’m married, with 5 beautiful little children. They keep me busy and young and also give me the energy. I’m a self-taught cake artist and do mostly for family and friends.

When and how did you get into the world of cake design?
My cake journey has started in November 2013 as I wanted to make a cake for my little boy who was 3 at that time. I wanted something looked beautiful and tasted delicious. I have searched for inspirations and recipes in internet – I have never baked before!! I didn’t know what’s fondant and never heard about ganache before!! I know it sounds like I have just landed on this earth! LOL!!

How and why did you choose the name “Sweet Side of Cakes”?
After done my first cake I was hooked and wanted to know and learn more about cake decorating! I spent and still spend many hours to explore the beautiful and sweet cake world! With every cake I made I have improved my skills a little bit more. After about one year of caking I have decided to go online with my creations and have set up a cake page – a place where I can put all my creations together.
I was thinking for a while about the name. I never like to eat cakes that much, but love creating more and more so I have decided to call my page “Sweet Side of Cakes”. You know, the sweet side of a cake is to decorate it! Here you put all of your love in it and want to see people in AWE and WOW with your creations.

How would you describe your cake decorating style?
To date I still don’t know if I have a specific style or people would just recognize my creations without to read my name. I have tried and will try more different styles of cakes. And there are collaborations – just perfect for that!!

How is your work creative process and where do you find inspiration?
In this almost 3 years I see in almost everything as my inspirations for a cake design and or as cake tools! It’s really crazy!! It sounds like I’m cake addicted!!! At some points aren’t we all?!?!? LOL! In fact I get my inspirations mostly from travelling and from my kids.

You are part of a lot of cake collaborations. What do you look for in a collaboration?
I still remember my first collaboration as I was invited by Heba M Elalfy. She gave me faith and believed in me. She’s a beautiful soul. Since then I was invited in many collaborations. For me collaborations is a place where you get knowing other cake artists and also make some friends. A place where you get out of your comfort zone and improve your skills. Trying something new, creating something your costumers or friends wouldn’t request. A collaboration is like a playground where you can do what you want within the theme. A collaboration should be fun. It should be a group where you feel comfortable to be in. I choose my collaboration by theme. If someone invites me I can’t say no!! That’s my nature!

I know that you are hosting a collaboration. What can you tell us about it?
And now I’m hosting my first collaboration. Just can’t believe it!! It was just a fun and crazy idea which came middle in the night as I was chatting with friends. An Oktokerfest theme – how fun is that?!!?!! To host a collaboration is lots of work. I don’t know what to do without the help of Heba M Elalfy. Thank you so much Heba for everything! You are just amazing!! I also take the chance to say a huge Thank You to Zelda Scafidas who has helped to make the banner and profile picture. They are very beautiful. Thank you so much Zelda! And a huge Thank You to everyone and each of you – the amazing members – for your hard works and beautiful creations!!! Without you this collaboration wouldn’t be able to go live!!! THANK YOU!!!
Who are your cake artists idols and why? Whose kitchen would you love to have a poke around in?
I have so many cake idols and I would love to poke in their kitchen!! I won’t name any of them because the list would be too long. But firstly I would love to poke in in my cake friends’ kitchen!!! To spend a beautiful time together. I think we would rather have a nice conversation and have some coffee with cake than bake. LOL. But i have to get to meet them in person first! LOL.
So my first goal for this year is to go to a cake show and to meet some of them. The 2nd goal would be to take a class!!! It would be my first cake show visite and first class!!! How exciting and I’m looking forward to these two goals in 2016.

At last, do you have any advices or tips to our readers?
In this past 3 years I have learnt a lot and still learning. What I can give you as an advice is to be yourself. Have faith in you and have fun. There’s no a guideline for being an artist. Art comes from the bottom of your heart.  Your creations represent you! Cake is an art – Sugar Art! Enjoy what you do, have fun and be happy.